About Adrienne

"Choosing a neutral is as important as your client's choice of legal counsel."
Adrienne, through the services offered by Fechter Mediation, gives you access to the neutral perspective of a trial attorney with years of experience, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in employment and civil rights matters. What makes her unique is her combination of skills, experience, excellent interpersonal skills, empathy and substantive knowledge. She is known for her commitment to reaching agreement whenever possible, and for her determination and creativity in resolving conflict. She has the dedication to task necessary to achieve results in the most challenging of circumstances.

Personal Tidbits About Adrienne ("Fig")

Adrienne believes many parties in a mediation feel more comfortable with the process if they have some insights into the person who will be assisting them in settling their disputes. Even Adrienne's attorney clients often comment on how knowing Adrienne on a more personal level can increase the chances of settlement!

If you read the title of this section you already know something you most likely didn't know before opening this page. Many of Adrienne's friends call her "Fig." Why? It is silly, short and simple and represents Adrienne's love of nature. You are welcome to call her whatever you'd like!

Adrienne grew up in Orlando, Florida when the city was nothing but orange groves. No Disney World and no traffic. After college, she practiced law with two law firms in Orlando and Tampa before founding her own law firm. She practiced employment law for 15 years in Florida before moving to Atlanta, GA. Although Adrienne tried numerous cases during those 15 years, she always preferred the process of engaging in negotiations and resolving disputes over "going to war." She started mediating employment and civil rights cases while still practicing law, and decided to give up litigation altogether to devote herself to assisting other attorneys in settling their clients' disputes.

The move to Atlanta was in 2000. Her full time mediation practice took off and she later added arbitration to the services she provided. Always looking for the next challenge, Adrienne purchased a small horse farm north of Atlanta and took up the hobby of horseback riding even though she was already in her very late 40s at the time and had never been around horses in her life! That led to buying horses (and miniature donkeys and goats) – and some very sore muscles.

Adrienne has always loved Colorado, particularly Boulder and Denver. So, naturally, one morning she announced that she was going to rent a loft in Boulder and spend some time each month exploring the possibility of opening a practice there – in addition to continuing to mediate and arbitrate in the southeastern US from her Atlanta home base. Everyone was on board, so the very next day she rented a loft, sight unseen, in Boulder. By now you should be picking up on the fact that Adrienne sees life as one big adventure and can be a bit impulsive in her personal life! No challenge too big....

That was in 2011. After many "cold calls" to employment attorneys in the Denver area, and too many lunches and dinners with potential clients, Adrienne not only no longer could fit into any of her clothes, but she had a mediation practice up and running in Colorado! Now she travels every month between the east coast and Colorado, has moved her primary residence (and family – including 3 dogs and one horse) to Boulder, and keeps an apartment in mid-town Atlanta.

There is more!

Adrienne has just incorporated another business in Colorado called Nature-Proof, LLC. The catalyst for this business was the eye opening experience of finding her garbage cans (as well as those of her neighbors) ransacked by raccoons numerous times, garbage strewn everywhere. She looked for a more sophisticated and easier solution than the old bungee cord put on at night, which required remembering to remove it in the morning before the garbage truck arrived. Having to remember one more thing, or do one more thing, was not an option for Adrienne. So, with some help, and many trips to the local hardware store for parts, she developed a product called "LidLock by Nature-Proof," that works with garbage containers of any size by securing the lid, not allowing the lid to open when knocked over by creatures of the night, but opens when picked up by garbage trucks. It is designed to work with fully automated garbage collection vehicles, but will work with manual pick up as well. If you want to follow the progress of Nature-Proof, be sure to check out our website at nature-proof.com!