Services are charged on an hourly basis and are usually invoiced at the conclusion of the services.  Adrienne does not require an advance payment for services, with the exception of arbitrations. With respect to arbitrations, Adrienne will request that an amount be paid in advance and will bill against that retainer. The amount of such a retainer will depend on the estimated length of the hearing and the type of award requested.

Mediation Fees

Hourly Rate:
Contact the FMAS Practice Manager at 720.443.7600 for applicable rates.

Minimum Charge:
A minimum charge equal to half a day (4 hours), plus preparation time, applies to all mediations.

Cancellation Fee:
In order to avoid a cancellation fee, cancellations must be made 2 weeks (10 business days) in advance of the date scheduled for the mediation. The attorneys for any matter cancelled with less than 2 weeks' notice will be invoiced for 4 hours of mediation time, plus actual preparation time, if any. This cancellation fee will be split equally between or among the parties, unless the cancellation clearly was the sole responsibility of one party.

Payment Responsibility:
The attorneys for the parties are responsible for paying or ensuring that payment is made within 14 days of the invoice. Should a client fail to pay the mediation invoice, the attorneys are ultimately responsible for timely paying the mediator for services rendered.

Arbitration Fees

For arbitration rates, please contact the FMAS Practice Manager at 720.443.7600. There is no administrative or case initiation fee for arbitrations. The amount of the retainer required for an arbitration and payment responsibility vary from case to case, depending on the anticipated length of the proceeding, the number of parties involved, and the content of any applicable arbitration agreement.

Investigation, Training, and Audit Fees

Fact-finding investigations, training, and best practice audit services are billed at the rate of $390.00 per hour.